First US Surgeon Certified in SMILE

Having eyesight problems can be a big hindrance to your work. Wearing corrective lenses is a great way to fight this problem. But then again, in some cases, corrective lenses are not enough to completely heal someone's vision. And some people do not like wearing eye glasses; they do not like the feeling when wearing a pair of glasses and/or they do not like how they look when they wear a pair of glasses. That's why some people prefer to wear contact lenses. But then again, doctors do not advise people to wear contact lenses because they are very dangerous to your eyes. Contact lenses are going to be dirty and you are risking your whole eye when you are putting it on.

Is there another way to battle this problem except wearing corrective lenses? Yes there is, and it is called the Refractive Surgery. Refractive Surgery is the term used of a surgical procedure that will correct common vision problems. There many types of Refractive surgery, some of them are Bladeless Wave front All Laser (LASIK), Topography-guided Custom Ablation (T-CAT), Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL), Small Incision Lenticular Extraction (SMILE), and Refractive Cataract Surgery.

If you are planning to undergo a Refractive Surgery, then you should go at the California Clinic for Refractive Surgery and Visit Dr. Paul C. Lee. He is the best doctor in his field and he was the first US Surgeon Certified in SMILE. For more information, you can visit the official website of ccrclearvision.

Free Yourself From Wearing Eyeglasses, Ever Again!

Wearing eyeglasses can be a drag sometimes. You have to deal with moist, scratches and not to mention the fact that you need to get your eyes refracted every 6 months just to make sure that you are using the right lens strength! However, you have the chance to get rid of the eyeglasses for good with the Lasik eye surgery! A lot of people have been doubtful about this kind of surgery but the many people who have tried this got amazing results! What's good about the Lasik surgery is that it can make it possible for an individual to have corrected vision no matter how bad their vision problem is! The Lasik eye surgery is a non-invasive procedure that is done in order to reshape the cornea. 

Normally, vision problems arise because of a bad reception of light in the eyes. Since the cornea controls the entry of light into the eyes, reshaping it can help correct vision. What's amazing about this procedure is it can help correct vision no matter how strong your lenses are! Always remember, you have to check in with a doctor for their recommendation on the procedure to make sure that nothing goes wrong with your surgery! For more information, visit for an appointment today!

Choosing a High Quality Pair of Eyeglass

Specs Appeal offers personalized and professional service to meet your eye health and eye care needs. Whether you need a complete eye exam, a full collection of current digital lens technology, frame brands, or contact lenses or the staff at Specs Appeal is devoted to offering you an excellent and the best value without sacrificing its quality for your eye health and eye care needs.

The products are a very high quality that has ditas quality & attentiion. All Specs Appeal Optical frame is unmatched. Simply by having a pair of it will give you a high profile status for life. Their fashionable frames have quickly become the accessory for the influential fashion elite and celebrities. At this time the shop has built-up an impressive celebrity clientele whom you can see in Hollywood movies. 

Over the years Specs Appeal has also grown to international compliments and become known to be one of the world's most dominant eyewear designers. The Specs Appeal brand has established itself a long lasting and committed to producing top quality products. For those who are seeking for the finest quality, and dare to wear them, Specs Appeal will be your brand that is highly sought after.

Have your eyes treated with care.

Things You Need to Know About Specs Appeal Optical

Eye wear is one of the leading fashion trends right now that everyone is going crazy of. Finding the best online site for your eye wear needs could give you quite the headache. The disadvantage that comes with having too many options could not be underrated. It would be highly beneficial to anyone to know the direct link of a company that sells the best eye wears in the internet. If you don't want to look any further, here's the site:  Frames, prescription sunglasses, designer sunglasses: you name it.  

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Different cleaning systems for certain pollutants

This articles is aim to help you decide to buy the certain air purifier model with the best cleaning system in order to fit your need and solve your problems about polluted air inside your home.

And I am here going to make a quick reviews of how many kinds of pollutants within your air and what harm can they do to your body.

There are three types of pollutants floating in the air and let’s list them one by one. The first kind is large particles that we can see them with our eyes like dust, hair, animal dander and pollen. These particles are easy to cause allergies and bad for asthma sufferers. Some of them are make odors easily inside your home. The second type of pollutants is gas particles such as odors, chemicals and vapors. Nobody can bear there is a unpleasant odors at their homes, not to mention that we are spend more time at our home than ever before these days. The chemicals and vapors increase your immune stress, which cause your health issues after you breathing such polluted air. The third kind pollutant is invisible like mold, bacteria, germs and viruses. I don’t have to remind you of these particles can do how much harm to our human body.

Air purifier is able to remove certain substance by using different cleaning technology. After familiar with the main functions of those advanced technologies, you should figure out which kind of particles is the one you want your machine mainly remove. Then do some researches on the model you choose, like checking out the reliable home air purifier review from here:, which might be helpful for you to make your final decision.

Hope this website is useful for you and you can find your best air purifier for your home here and thanks for reading.

The Good Things About Marijuana

When we talk about marijuana, many people would say, IT IS BAD! Don't use it! Those people are may be influenced by bad publicity of marijuana. But do you really want to know the good things about marijuana? Below are some of the main points: o Marijuana can treat or cure illnesses and ailments. It can heal many types of illnesses that even some of the high priced drugs prescribed by doctors can do nothing. These illnesses includes: malaria, cancer, HIV/AIDS, epilepsy, gout, glaucoma, autism, Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. There can be more as researchers and scientists continue to discover the wonder of this plant.

It can reduce pain and sufferings. o It can make you happy. There are other benefits that you can get from marijuana. It can also help improve the economy of your state. The taxes from the dispensaries could fill the coppers of the government thus they can implement projects that could be beneficial to everyone. If you are curious on how medical marijuana is manufactured, you can visit Chalice Farms, Portland. Surely, you can get important information about medical marijuana particularly on the benefits to your health and even to your personality.

Are you still undecided? Buy now! Enjoy and be happy.


Meet the Challenges of Healthcare Industry With Healthcare Solutions

The healthcare industry is heading by using a remarkable transformation. This transformation though challenging offers great leads to improve efficacy and patient outcomes. Amidst several challenges, companies are finding hard to provide quality health care and services to patients. The role of THIS in augmenting a business' efficiency while addressing current healthcare challenges is of paramount importance.

Healthcare software development identifies tools or software that can meet the growing needs of the healthcare industry i. e. clinics, doctors, private hospitals etc. A majority of healthcare companies look for solutions that provide them with reliability, accuracy and time bound results. This kind of will ensure proper maintenance of medical records. For more help visit Bridging Health Care Technologies

Health-related software solutions have altered the way in which workload was maintained earlier. Considering the increasing demand and workload, software development companies have began devising solutions that can automate things and operations. These software development companies are equipped with state-of-the fine art infrastructural facilities. They take advantage of the latest systems, software and other advanced systems to create the best custom-made healthcare solutions.

A few specific objectives that much health care company would like to fulfil include:

Augmenting patient outcomes and methods to reduce waiting cycles

Gratifying considerable use and other such regulatory requirements

Enhancing communication between patient and service provider

Mitigate disadvantages by improving processes and quality assurance

Type 1 Symptoms of Diabetes in Teenagers

After successfully guiding daughters Sophia, and Anna, 19, 18, to maturity Stacey Crescitelli is parenting her third teen. When Henry, her third child started sleeping more, growing at at a quick rate and thinning out, her husband Joe and she believed he was merely being a typical teenager. As it happens, his body was really fighting with something more scary than adolescent hormones: Type 1 diabetes.

Crescitelli needs other parents of teens to understand about the symptoms of Type 1 diabetes. But how can parents tell the difference between what's ordinary when it involves teenagers and what's not?

He's consistently been kind of a solid lad with a big framework — never among those reed skinny, gangly lads — but unexpectedly, he was becoming one," she said, "and needless to say, we believed he was just 'incline out,'" she said.

Though Henry started to sleep more and continued to slim down, it wasn't until this past March that the Doylestown, Pennsylvania, mom discovered symptoms that didn't match with what she considered was normal for adolescent boys.

The vertigo survived for a day, but it was the start of more new symptoms: dizziness, regular, though not daily, head aches, and stomachaches. Subsequently, Henry started to whine that his legs hurt. "We promised him that this was standard when someone was growing fast and that he could attempt to extend and perhaps not sleep with the giant family dog so he could have more room at nighttime," said Crescitelli at diabetes forums.

Eventually, with his weight loss reaching his slumber raising more and more and 25 pounds, the Crescitellis recognized something was definitely away with their son. "My loving husband and I guessed perhaps he was depressed, until one night Joe just looked at me and we both kind of understood that something now was quite wrong," said Crescitelli. They took Henry in for an urine test and blood work, and phoned their nurse practitioner, Pat Chicon.

By the time he was diagnosed, and Henry was clinically determined to have Type 1 diabetes, he was in full blown diabetic ketoacidosis and had to be hospitalized for four days at the Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania until he was stabilized.

Dr. Patel said the symptoms of Type 1 diabetes typically contain some of the symptoms the Crescitellis found in Henry, including weight loss and increased tiredness, nausea and stomach pain, and blurry eyesight. But symptoms also generally include hunger and increased thirst, increased urination, and indications of dehydration, like chapped lips, deep-set eyes, and skin that is light. "Since Henry is a teenager, I was not monitoring his urination or thirst," said Crescitelli.

Crescitelli said she did not understand that even though taller grow occasionally fast as teens, they shouldn't lose weight during growth spurts. The other symptoms of Henry were just important once they became part of a routine.

"Acknowledgement is particularly troublesome given that most parents would discover the symptoms for Type 1 diabetes rather typical for the current teenager," admits Dr. Patel. Get full details at diabetes health forum

Don’t Ignore Your Childrens Back Pain

Thirteen-year old Bana Qubain, Jordanian, until a year ago, was growing at the speed until she began complaining of constant back pain an ordinary adolescent does. Her parents did not give much thought to the criticisms believing they were 'growing pains up'.

"She whined but we believed that she'd lately been through an extreme play routine and was feeling raw due to that," Marwan Qubain, Bana's dad, told Khaleej Times. "We travelled shortly after but her whining did not end.

Bana ran into a hospital believing she'd dislocated her shoulder. But they were in for an enormous shock when physicians, after shooting x rays of the back of Bana, told them that their daughter had grown idiopathic scoliosis, a deformity of the spine occurring in teenagers and children aged between nine to 12 years. Idiopathic medically means 'without any special reason'.

Motion had become debilitating and bending over was not easy for Bana as her back had taken a C-shape and was bent at a 60-degree angle. The only alternative, physicians said, was operation, or the twisted back would shortly begin smashing her internal organs. After considering their traveling choices and research, the family picked Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi.

Bana got a seven-and-a-half-hour operation to repair 24 screws in 12 areas – two screws along each – .

Another instance

While Bana was recuperating from your operation, Layla Chamiloris, another young girl, was also being treated at the hospital's award winning back unit for a substantially serious type of scoliosis.

Sixteen-year old Layla was getting a posterior fusion operation targeting thoracic and lumbar vertebrae (T3 L3), a process much the same to Bana's operation.

It was discovered that corrective back surgery with posterior spinal fusion was needed for the girls and both patients were scrutinised, said Dr Firas at back pain forum.

Bana wanted a T4 L3 posterior fusion which was performed under general anesthesia and spinal cord tracking apparatus. A posterior spinal fusion process was performed to create spinal equilibrium in both side and frontal planes of the body, which meant the hips would be balanced over by the patient's head when seen from your front and side.

The back muscle, that was neither cut nor pierced, was gradually separated off the bone at its fastener, exposing the spinal column," he clarified.

Bana was released from hospital only six days after the operation.

Recuperating and grateful

Bana is grateful for the operation and is recuperating quickly, now. She, nevertheless, must take precautions for the following two months into her bones until the metal screws fuse.

She must get intensive physiotherapy for another six to eight months and cannot work out at the same time.

"We're striving to make appropriate arrangements for school in order that she does not miss out on her studies," said her dad.

Already, three and half centimetres has grown since the operation.

Likewise, the process continues to be instrumental in helping her position is corrected by Layla, get spinal alignment that is better, get more flexibility in motion and breathe.

What's scoliosis?

Scoliosis is due to which a sideways curvature of the back happens a musculoskeletal illness. This abnormality, at whichat which spinal column seems S shaped or C-shaped, can result from various variables which range from genetic illnesses and congenital spine deformities to neuromuscular diseases and problems.

The illness typically appears in teens and children after the age of 10.

The prevalence of scoliosis is higher in girls than it's in lads," explained Dr Firas M. Husban, adviser orthopedic surgeon.

Moderate cases of scoliosis do not hamper the routine tasks of a man or life. Nevertheless , more serious cases hamper breathing, can restrict working, cause pain and have a psychological impact on kids. Get more details at health message boards

Freehold new condo at East Coast

Rising on at east coast is the newest condominium project Straits Mansion by reputable Roxy Capital, an established developer engaged in developing residential and commercial properties. The developer purchased Straits Mansion sites for S$21.5 million, since it is one of the last few remaining bungalows that can be developed into flats in the East area.

Throughout the period they posted the highest capital gains, the 99-year leasehold cluster homes registered the least transactions having sales of 1,125, while the freehold cluster homes posted 1,492 sales. The best number of transactions at 11,356 sales was recorded by Freehold landed homes with individual land title and the counterpart 99-year leasehold posted 2,051 sales. 

Straits Mansions Showflat will feature 25 exclusive resort style residential units of 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom, 4 bedroom and 5 bedroom units with various sizes ranging from 721 sqft to 1464 sqft. Homes having land tenures of 99 to 105 years were grouped under 99-year leasehold, while the land tenures more than 105 years were cover by freehold category. It is a freehold project covers the area of 19, 474 sq ft with communal facilities.

Straits Mansions is a former bungalow and zoned for 5 storey residential flat development, well situated 5 minutes walk away from 2 popular shopping destination in Katong area, the Parkway Parade and 112 Katong. Singapore's most precious urban getaways the East Coast Park is also within a short stroll away from the project.

This freehold site by Roxy Pacific is well connected via major expressways including East Coast Parkway Expressway (ECP), Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE) and Pan Island Expressway (PIE). With its great location neighbouring various amenities and upcoming Thomson East Coast Line, Straits Mansions will be another worthy investment.