5 Food Trucks That Leveraged Social Media To Grow Their Business

Although the food truck is a mobile business, but they do have the requirement of the marketing to spread a word about the business they are running and what delicious items delighting the customers.

That’s the reason, food trucks are embracing POS integrated with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to build and manage their business efficiently.

Take a look at the food trucks who used social media to innovate the marketing strategies:

1)Frying Dutchmen

Mobile meteor helped the frying Dutchmen food truck to expand their business by connecting the food trucks with their customers through Twitter. The company enabled the food truckers to update their ever-changing location status on web app without needing to manually log in to Facebook and Twitter and updating the status.

2)Austin Food Carts

The food truck has taken a digital initiative by creating a QR code sticker that when scanned, showcase the list of the locations at which truck moves, Twitter feeds, and food truck information. This helped in launching marketing campaigns as well.

3)Schnitzel & things

As the food truck location changes daily, so the food trucks have created their own app that helps their customers to find out when the food truck would arrive at the location and they will enjoy the favorite dish.

4)Nom nom truck

Mobi munch is one of the digital company that has helped nom nom food truck by providing the complete infrastructure and lesson on how to design a menu, use social media tools and more. 

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