A Community Health Program on Diabetes Prevention

Within a statewide effort to help adults enhance their well-being, the Hilltown Community Health Center, in conjunction with the YMCA, is offering a free Diabetes Prevention System starting Sept. 21.

This 12-month instruction and support group will occur at 9 Russell Road in Huntington at the Hilltown Community Center’s Family Centre.

Community health worker Janet Dimock, a YMCA-trained Diabetes Prevention System lifestyle instructor, will direct the course.

“The course is an interactive means for adults to learn new abilities and get support in the class leader and from other class members," Dimock said. "It's difficult to make changes alone and the course provides a support network of people who have common aims.”

Players receive a partial-year membership for their local YMCA and will learn about healthy eating, getting started with physical action, beating anxiety, staying motivated and other behaviours that are positive, in a comfortable classroom.

The aim of the plan is for players to lose seven percent of the body weight and enhance their exercise that is average to 150 minutes weekly.

Dimock said the guidelines for the plan were created by the Centers for Disease Control.

In accordance with the CDC, an estimated 86 million people in America are in danger for developing diabetes and 89 percent don't have any notion they may be in danger.

Anyone may register, whether they're patients at the health center.

The plan is financed by a grant from the Department of Public Health. The free yearlong support and the YMCA memberships would typically total $430 per individual.

The Hilltown Community Health Center can offer the YMCA membership, and this show, through a partnership with their associates and the Holyoke YMCA in the Well-Being Hampshire initiative and Westfield, Northampton, and the state Department of Public Health.

Pre-enrollment is mandatory. For registration or more info contact: Dimock at the Worthington Health Center by telephoning 238-5511 ext. 419.

‘Arsenic and Old Lace’

Most of the cast members have reunited for this particular performance and graduated from Williamsburg High in the mid 1960s. They are going to be joined by various other members of the community and will perform under the group name the Williamsburg Players.” that is “

The alumni group initially got together last autumn by the high school play club for a dramatic reading of “Our Town” on the 50th anniversary of its performance.

The group’s passion rekindled for acting.

“We had such pleasure that we said let’s do something ” play club member Fred Goodhue said.

The group selected “Arsenic and Old Lace” for this year’s performance both for its comparative ease of production and its story line.

The play is a dark comedy revolving around the blueblooded Brewster family whose standing as being descendants from those that came over on the “ Mayflower is eclipsed by the fact that there seem to be serial killers within their fold.

The radio script has lines and fewer performers so it looked daunting for our cast that was completely senior,” Goodhue said. “ it's comedy and mystery facets and needs just one set so it looked doable.”

“we're not professionals, but we've had pleasure and love supporting good causes,” Goodhue said at diabetes forum.

Net Income in the performance will proceed to the Williamsburg Council.

Tickets are $7 for the average man or woman and $5 for students and seniors. Refreshments will be accessible

Hilltown Business Directory

The Hilltown Community Development Corp. in Chesterfield has been releasing the web directory for last 30 years in order to make Hilltown companies more observable.

Annually, over 300 companies are recorded in the directory.

The directory will be delivered to 14,600 families in 20 towns. in January. Get the more information on the awareness campaign at diabetes forums

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