All About Divorce Laws on Alimony

Alimony is a common subject of divorces in and around the country. This is a payment i.e. made to a former spouse following a divorce, although this is not mandatory.

Whether alimony is awarded following a divorce depends on the parties individual circumstances regarding the standard of living that was established during the marriage, as well as the party needs and their ability to pay spousal support. The Court evaluates facts and circumstances in determining the respective needs of each party and the ability of each party to pay spousal support when making a determination of the amount and duration of payment. If you are confused about divorce laws on alimony, you may consult Divorce Lawyer Los Angeles via Harris Family Law Group.

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The Court may not rely on speculation to determine these items and must use evidence that is on the record and reasonable conclusions drawn from the evidence. Some of the factors weighed in making this decision include the ability of the parties to maintain the standard of living in the marriage based on their earning capacities, contributions made to the spouse's education or training, the ability of the supporting spouse to make payments, the assets and debts of each party and the duration of the marriage.

The longer a spouse has been out of the job market because of the marriage, the more likely that alimony may be awarded. 

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