Areas Where Family Therapy Can Help

There are several areas where family therapy works. Some of those areas are mentioned below:

1) Family therapy for parent-child conflict

 Parent-child relational problems are very common and can arise due to indifferent attitude of parents or child, bad company, less time for children, disagreement on various issues, etc. Family therapists work towards achieving a better understanding to resolve conflicts. Family therapy can also help family members solve on-going issues in family life, like problems at work, raising children, social relationships and relationships between family members.

2) Family therapy for Learning Disabilities

Family therapy can treat children with learning disability. Learning disability refers to low general intelligence of the person in comparison to others. Family therapy can develop cognitive-social-emotional competencies in young minds and guide children to control their emotions and enhance their performance.

3) Family therapy for Marital Issues and Divorce

Family therapy can transform broken relationships into happy relationship through therapy session for couples. Family therapists educate both members about handling conflicting situations tactfully. They also try to resolve issues that can lead to happy relationship through in-depth discussions and change in attitude.If there are frequent problem between you and your partner, go for couple counseling for good relationship.    

4) Family therapy for Chronic Medical Illness 

Family therapy also works well in case a family member is suffering from chronic illnesses like AIDS, which can cause mental trauma to the whole family. These sessions enable families to handle difficult situation and help the patient overcome illness with a positive attitude.

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