Back Pain From Backpacks

It is recommended to have a look at how they’re taking their work load, as children all around Michiana start a fresh school year.

The good thing is that it's quite preventable.

Reddy says lowering the weight of a back pack would work out the symptoms of soreness and pain.

The principle is a child should not take more than 10-20 percent of their body weight.

We often view a spike in children at around sixth grade when they’re getting more assignments all of that gets lumped into the back pack and they have to take more obligations in terms of them taking cleats home,” says Reddy.

Which will mean making more trips and leaving more novels from the bag.

Hefty backpacks may also cause shoulder and neck pain.

They have a tendency to lean forwards which actually extends the muscles of the back and you get a lot exhaustion sort pain.

So two inches above the hips rest the weight should be taken close to the waistline. The entire goal would be to keep the head so the head isn’t by leaning forwards stressing.

Another thought would be to look on a back pack that will help defuse the weight, for broader, padded straps.

By the end of the day if there continue to be problems after changes have are made with reoccurring pain, the best action to take would be to see with a doctor as told at back pain forum.

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