Become an Honest Man and Attract Women

These days not too many men are honest about their intentions when they approach girls. They are always either trying to show as little interest as possible in a girl or straight up lie about it. This isn't actually because all men are dishonest. The main reason is much simpler than that – they are actually afraid of getting rejected.

In fact, most men are terrified of getting rejected by girls. They would do almost anything just to avoid it. This means, even lie about their intentions or play it too safe – everything to avoid the "big R". Of course, this makes them miss out on too many opportunities and even turns them into the "best friend" with most girls.

This is a terrible strategy on their part. Instead of becoming someone whom a woman might consider a romantic companion, they become the companion who just supports her when she gets her heart broken by a guy she actually wants to date. This might not even be such a terrible thing, if they would accept only her friendship, but this is not what they are after.

For this sole reason, every man should stop with these mind games and be always totally honest about his intentions with her straight away. When he meets her, he should instantly let her know that he is interested. Yes, it is more likely that he gets rejected this way, but at least he doesn't miss out on opportunities by playing it too safe. If he accepts that and is ready to face the consequences, he will also be more successful in attracting women with the added benefit of becoming a happier person.

And rejection isn't something a man should fear. We all get rejected in life. If we manage to deal with it in an acceptable fashion, we will become stronger. So if a guy can take rejection well and act despite it, he will be also seen as someone who is tough. That's why every man should accept that no matter what he does, he will have to deal with rejection, and not try to run away from it. This make them also more attractive to women.

Of course, it takes much more to attract women than just to be honest. But it is definitely a good start. Learn how to attract girls through honesty and you will be much further than men who aren't so true about their intentions. Face rejection boldly and you will become a stronger and confident person – something women love.

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