Benefits Of Indoor Plants In Offices

It is a new trend to add indoor plants to your house and office as they are very beneficial for psychological and physical. Below are a few other advantages of introducing plants in your office:

Courtesy-Evergreen Interiors Inc

1. Helps in increasing productivity of employees

According to several researches, plants play an important role in increasing productivity of employees. They help employees focus and concentrate, hence enhancing productivity and quality of work of employees, it is because plants absorb carbon dioxide and there are increased levels of oxygen in the environment. 

2. Lesser absences due to sickness

According to several researches you can reduce absenteeism by almost 50% if you introduce plants in the office. Reduced absenteeism is very beneficial for employees and employers as it reduces the money spent on covering up for absent employees.

3. Cleaner air

By introducing plants in the office you provide your employees with cleaner air to breathe. Each plant cleans air enough for three. If you have plants in the office they can help you reduce 50% of carbon dioxide from the air and also help reduce bacteria, mold and dust from the environment.

4. Reduces noise pollution

Another advantage of introducing plants in the office is that they help reduce noise pollution in the environment by 5%. It helps employees concentrate on work and be more productive.

5. Reduce stress among employees

Plants give your office a calmer and nicer look. They also enable employees to perceive situation in a better way and makes employees feel more comfortable hence reducing stress levels of employees.

These are some of the benefits due to which plants for hire in Melbourne suggest introducing plants in office settings.

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