Cebu’s Tourism with the Whale sharks and Canyoneering tours

Cebu’s tourism had been increasing time after time and that is because of the places that it showcases to vising tourists may it be foreign or non-locals of the area. Activates such as whale shark watching and canyoneering have been the best activities by far offered in the province’ south side. Cebu whale shark and canyoneering package  or bundle is offered to tourists to give them options during their stay thus maximizing their visit in the area. Activities for the day are customizable depending on their itinerary since not everyone have the same things to do and would rather get the best during their visit.

There are more non-local tourists sited doing canyoneering compared to foreigners but does not change the fact that both still enjoy the same thrill and adventure as they trek more than 2 hours during the activity. Their final stop would be Kawasan falls where they get to relax and just finish the remaining time of the day. Whale shark watching is another well-known activity in the south where on the other hand, foreign tourists are sited even more compared to non-locals of the area. One of the best experience that every tourist should try wherein they can glide and swim alongside with the gentle giants. Recreational scuba divers are welcome as well.

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