Designing Rooms with a View and Easier Access

Wood-framed French doors will enhance a cottage in keeping with its origins and are loved by traditionalists. Styles vary from plain glass or half-glazed to Georgian panes, Victorian decorative glass panels and leaded-light. For more information about best deal shutters, you can contact us at 431475235.


The wood itself can be softwood, such as pine, or hardwood, such as oak. Wood-framed French doors are available professional installation. They are usually unfinished, which means that they can be stained or painted to suit. 

In the UK, French doors usually open outwards, away from the house. Whilst this helps rainwater run off rather than run in, it makes the use of outside shutters very difficult. In France, for example, the doors open inwards so that shutters can then be accessed from the inside to open outwards.

Shutters are better at keeping out hot sun and bright light than curtains, they can even be kept securely closed on hot nights with the doors wide open on the inside, allowing air to circulate. The downside of this arrangement is that on dull winter days, the doors have to be opened despite the cold, in order to open and close the shutters each morning and evening. 

French doors need not be quaint and made of wood. There are modern 20th Century PVC versions, usually in white, often with a choice of plain or paneled glazing, which are still popular today because they can be produced very cheaply and are seen to require less maintenance than wood.

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