Don’t Ignore Your Childrens Back Pain

Thirteen-year old Bana Qubain, Jordanian, until a year ago, was growing at the speed until she began complaining of constant back pain an ordinary adolescent does. Her parents did not give much thought to the criticisms believing they were 'growing pains up'.

"She whined but we believed that she'd lately been through an extreme play routine and was feeling raw due to that," Marwan Qubain, Bana's dad, told Khaleej Times. "We travelled shortly after but her whining did not end.

Bana ran into a hospital believing she'd dislocated her shoulder. But they were in for an enormous shock when physicians, after shooting x rays of the back of Bana, told them that their daughter had grown idiopathic scoliosis, a deformity of the spine occurring in teenagers and children aged between nine to 12 years. Idiopathic medically means 'without any special reason'.

Motion had become debilitating and bending over was not easy for Bana as her back had taken a C-shape and was bent at a 60-degree angle. The only alternative, physicians said, was operation, or the twisted back would shortly begin smashing her internal organs. After considering their traveling choices and research, the family picked Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi.

Bana got a seven-and-a-half-hour operation to repair 24 screws in 12 areas – two screws along each – .

Another instance

While Bana was recuperating from your operation, Layla Chamiloris, another young girl, was also being treated at the hospital's award winning back unit for a substantially serious type of scoliosis.

Sixteen-year old Layla was getting a posterior fusion operation targeting thoracic and lumbar vertebrae (T3 L3), a process much the same to Bana's operation.

It was discovered that corrective back surgery with posterior spinal fusion was needed for the girls and both patients were scrutinised, said Dr Firas at back pain forum.

Bana wanted a T4 L3 posterior fusion which was performed under general anesthesia and spinal cord tracking apparatus. A posterior spinal fusion process was performed to create spinal equilibrium in both side and frontal planes of the body, which meant the hips would be balanced over by the patient's head when seen from your front and side.

The back muscle, that was neither cut nor pierced, was gradually separated off the bone at its fastener, exposing the spinal column," he clarified.

Bana was released from hospital only six days after the operation.

Recuperating and grateful

Bana is grateful for the operation and is recuperating quickly, now. She, nevertheless, must take precautions for the following two months into her bones until the metal screws fuse.

She must get intensive physiotherapy for another six to eight months and cannot work out at the same time.

"We're striving to make appropriate arrangements for school in order that she does not miss out on her studies," said her dad.

Already, three and half centimetres has grown since the operation.

Likewise, the process continues to be instrumental in helping her position is corrected by Layla, get spinal alignment that is better, get more flexibility in motion and breathe.

What's scoliosis?

Scoliosis is due to which a sideways curvature of the back happens a musculoskeletal illness. This abnormality, at whichat which spinal column seems S shaped or C-shaped, can result from various variables which range from genetic illnesses and congenital spine deformities to neuromuscular diseases and problems.

The illness typically appears in teens and children after the age of 10.

The prevalence of scoliosis is higher in girls than it's in lads," explained Dr Firas M. Husban, adviser orthopedic surgeon.

Moderate cases of scoliosis do not hamper the routine tasks of a man or life. Nevertheless , more serious cases hamper breathing, can restrict working, cause pain and have a psychological impact on kids. Get more details at health message boards

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