Ever Wonder What Is A Halal MRE?

In the military, there are packs of food referred to as MREs. They are self contained meals. The acronym stands for Meal Ready to Eat, and one MRE is going to be equal to a single meal. Inside the bag there will be entrées, food and drinks. They come packaged in a total of 12 of these meals in one case. There are 24 different meals on the menu, and they change from year to year. They are primarily used as the main ration food for United States Armed Forces. With more people coming into the US military that have different religious beliefs, they had to augment the type of meals that were available. Let's look at what a halal MRE is, and who would actually use this particular type of food.

What Is Halal?

Halal is a type of meat that is permissible by those that are Arabic. It is defined by Islamic law, and is also found in the Koran. When an animal is slaughtered for food, they do not want the animal to be shocked. They need to be killed in a very specific manner. This includes cutting the jugular vein, windpipe, or the carotid artery. As long as the meals are prepared with meat that was harvested in this manner, then it is going to be fine for those that are Muslim or of a similar Islamic faith. This is provided to military members that follow the Koran, and is a way of trying to give soldiers what they want in regard to their religion.

What Will You Find In A Halal MRE?

What you will find in these packages are different meals that use this type of food. There will also be drinks which will be compliant with those of that religion. There are also other types of MREs that are designed to comply with Jewish laws, specifically those that follow Old Testament ways of preparing meat and meals. By doing so, it is making it possible for people that have these certain religious beliefs to feel comfortable about eating food in the military.

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