Finding Quality Solo Ads For MLM

If you need quality leads for your mlm business you might be looking to buy some traffic. Email traffic tends to convert the highest for biz opp and mlm businesses since it’s so easy to use (learn more here

The one advantage email traffic has over other forms of traffic is the high engagement of the leads from email. Pay per click traffic often comes from websites that may or may not be related to mlm. The targeting is often solely based upon your advert. If your ad isn’t exceptional, then you might not be getting targeted traffic. So you are limited to sites loosely based around your niche and there is no engagement with the traffic prior to it hitting your site.

With email all of that is sorted out for you. The leads are presold to your offer. They know what you have to offer and are willing to learn more. This is what creates long term loyal customers who stick by you. Some leads will naturally fall away over time but they’re very easy to recoup since email traffic is almost infinitely scalable – just buy more traffic! With enough momentum with email you could very easily have a thriving business in a very short amount of time. 

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