Finding the Cause of Headaches

Nobody likes headaches.  But sadly, a huge percentage of the population gets headaches on a pretty regular basis.  And the majority of those people think it’s something they have to live with or take some sort of pain reliever to get rid of the pain.  There are actually quite a few causes of headaches, but not one of them is a deficiency of aspirin in the body.  In other words, since a lack of aspirin didn’t cause it, taking aspirin won’t cure it.  Yes, may take away the pain for a while but it does nothing to fix the problem and your body still has to deal with the aspirin.

I’m not saying not to take pain medication.  Headaches can be miserable and people need to be able to function.  What I’m saying is that people who get headaches regularly should try to find out why they are getting them and find out how to deal with that underlying issues as opposed to continue to just take medication to decrease the symptom…which is the pain of the headache.  Traditionally, a very effective way to get rid of headaches is to ask the Chandler chiropractic clinic to take a look at you and figure out the underlying cause.  They’re great at it!

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