Fingerprint Door Lock: Biometrics and Home Security

Fingerprint sensor technology is the best type of biometric lock to use because it is the most common one. It is also effective for helping everyone in your home stay safe. Since these locks can't be opened by a burglar using the usual breaking and entering tools.

They will be unable to unlock this type of lock since their fingerprints will not be stored and they won't know the PIN for using a keypad. That means that your family's security will be increased because they won't be able to steal your belongings or harm your family.

Fingerprint door locks offer an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective approach to securing a building, office or home from illegal entry. These biometric locks utilize the latest in scanning technology with access to a door controlled by fingerprint identification. And this eliminates the need to remember individual security codes or keys to carry. To get more information about plastic inserted fingerprint ink pad, you can browse the web.

These door locks provide fast identification, with authentication speeds often seen at one to three seconds depending on the model and capabilities of the lock. Some locks are able to store in the region of 10 to 100 fingerprints, ideal for a small business or garage to larger commercial buildings. With a master-print that has the authorization to add or erase prints, and fingerprints can be enrolled or erased as and when required.

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