Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan – Ways to Get There

Just how many make it is by using the ferry across and then going for a train or coach down to Surat Thani. To access the brand new Southern Bus Terminal in Bangkok the best advice I can give you will be to Google the address Phutthamonthon Soi 1 in upper Thonburi which will be around the other part of the river opposite Bangkok.

Technically it’s in Thonburi but itis the main extensive Bangkok metro area. Therefore, if you obtain a bus straight to Koh Samui you do not need to be worried about getting for the Koh Samui ferry and get across for the area.¬†You can enjoy full moon party in koh phangan by visiting this web-site.

If you do not obtain a primary bus ticket to Koh Samui attempt to get a bus- practice or ship -bus-boat ticket from a travel agent right to the island. You will wait for probably lengthy periods waiting to acquire a shortbus for the ferry when you get to Surat Thani but at least you understand everything is sorted.

Try different agencies to have the fastest ferry possible if velocity is important for you. There are some private companies that high speed boats so you must search but this is simply not consistent.If you do must be concerned about getting for the Koh Samui ferry and get across from Surat Thani, pay attention to a few things.

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