Go For Intact Home Flooring- All The Way Naturally

The company is a renowned manufacturer of the Unique as well as exclusive and Sustainable home flooring. Not only this, but the company is the cutting edge importer as well as the producer of various viable, eco-friendly home floors that includes exceptional materials like cork, bamboo, hardwood, and Engineered Luxury Vinyl.


What are the differences between the natural and carbonized bamboo?

  • The main difference between the natural and the carbonized bamboo flooring is their texture and color.
  • Along with this, both the natural as well as the carbonized bamboo flooring can be done in horizontal and vertical and also in strand woven methods.  
  • Further, there are also many such bamboo mouldings as well as accessories that are available in both natural and carbonized bamboo.
  • Not only has this, but the Natural bamboo flooring always highlights the natural color of the bamboo, which is actually golden and blonde. 
  • Whereas, carbonized bamboo flooring provides a dark brown or the coffee color effect, which can be achieved just by smoking the bamboo skin under extreme heat in an industrial kiln.

In fact, they are the only one who gives the provision of cork and other materials like bamboo flooring with manufacturing facilities along with that, operating in and around the Australia. In order to give their customers the best possible prices, they still try to import pre-finished bamboo hardwood products whenever it seems necessary.

Look for a supplier who can provide with good flooring material. This was you can be sure of the longevity of it.

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