How Joey Tribbiani changed his body

On 22 September, 1994, David Crane and Marta Kauffman gave us Friends. Witty, charming, and always there for one another, the Friends characters soon became our best friends! What’s not to love about a group of twenty-somethings whose real-life problems don’t include Facebook posts, selfies, and Wi-Fi hotspots?

They’re all charming in their own way, but do you have a favourite male Friend?

The sarcastic one

Well, it wasn’t completely without technology. There was a reference to the Internet when Chandler tried to break the silence with: “So it seems this Internet thing is here to stay, huh?”

Chandler kept us entertained with his complete lack of appeal and awkward comebacks, but in the end, he got the girl.

The charming one

Somewhere between a naughty boy who won’t go to school and a manly man lies Joey Tribbiani. Not that any of the women held his lack of intellect against him! It was actually quite endearing that he didn’t judge Homo sapiens and that he spoke fake French. Remember the one where he was make-believe fat? He would’ve needed so much more than a 3 week diet to get back to his normal size.

The serious one

He had style. He had grace. He had moves. He knew unagi. He also had three divorces. But he ended up marrying Rachel again so does that divorce still count?

So who’s your favourite? Hard to choose, isn’t it?

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