How To Recycle The Paper Coffee Cups

When you throw the disposable coffee cups away, you should know that it’s not the actual way because they will not fully decompose. As more people are using the takeaway coffee cups today, the rise of the amount of coffee cups being thrown away has risen. Some institutions were able to recycle these takeaway coffee cups. However,  some of  these coffee cups  were not accepted  for recycling; including the  lids. Since they are being rejected for recycling, here are some of the alternatives you need to develop.

First, you can do as requested and send the items to landfill. It’s not desirable and so you need to know that sending coffee cups to landfill is the most expensive waste disposal option available. The second option is to compost them. Composting the coffee cups has sustainable outcome which ensures the resources that are used in the manufacture of the products are returned safely into the earth.

The difficult part is the waste services providers will not accept coffee cups for composting whether they are certified as compostable. This is because their mechanical systems are not set to compost these materials. The second difficulty is that there are many kinds of these takeaway coffee cups which are plastic or wax coated. Plastic and wax are not desirable in compost.The other option is that you can ban them as many private businesses have started banning the single use coffee cups.

We need to shift from the single use coffee cup use and know that even if you throw them away, it does not solve the problem. The single use coffee cups should be banned but if your organisation cannot ban them, you should consider purchasing a certified compostable version and find a simple way to compost them on site. Recycling coffee cups is the best way to save the environment from degradation.

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