How to Remineralize Teeth?

First of all let's look at the Causes of Tooth Demineralization:

Some of the everyday routines people have can contribute to demineralization. For instance, tooth brushing can be a major cause. How? Initially, by using a medium or hard bristle tooth brush to thoroughly your teeth can get started to dissolve dental enamel. It is recommended to use a soft bristle tooth wash. Also, brushing too much or too often can become a factor.

Here are some other factors that reduce tooth enamel:

  • age group
  • teeth decay (cavities)
  • cracks in teeth
  • whitening pastes and other whitening products

What Should Be Done?

To begin your teeth on the road to restoration, you'll want to remineralize your pearly whites. When you remineralize your teeth, you are placing back the minerals that contain been lost over time.

Some points you'll find helpful:

  • eat foods rich in minerals (celery, broccoli, beans, oats, ovum, cheese, cream, yogurt, chicken breast, beef, and other meats)
  • drink water (you need to take care of mouth moist)
  • clean at least twice a day
  • floss regularly

Foods to Eat Sparingly

Foods loaded with acid need to be eaten sparingly. Eating and drinking high acidic foods will add to the demineralization process which needs to be avoided. Many people notice when they are eating these food types, their teeth will be more sensitive than on days they do not eat them. Important Tip: You must check the reviews for if you are planning to buy tooth remineralization products online, this way you will not harm your dental health. 

Foods high in acid:

  • vinegar, pickles, salad dressings
  • blackberries, red grapes, and other cherries
  • grapefruits, lemons, key limes, grapefruits
  • star fruits
  • tomato plants

For those who desire a little extra help to get started the mineralization process, new toothpaste have been formulated made up of phosphorous ions and calcium supplement. Expect these toothpastes to be somewhat gritty, but people who have used the products say,

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