How to Write PPC Ads for a Cosmetic Dental Design Practice

An advertisement is an important part of any business whether it is dental practice as well. Advertisement keep changing time to time and now we are in time where Google is one of the top advertiser in marketing business. Why only Google!! Facebook, Twitter etc. are also big advertisement machine. Being a dentist it will tough for you to manage all ad campaigns, so you can try software like DocMate via demo  . There are many software in market but you have choose one which fulfil your all requirement and I find DocMate useful. Well basic are basic, creating ads is like cherry on cake and even you can create by yourself as well.

How to Write PPC Ads for a Cosmetic Dental Design Practice

Pay per click advertising (PPC) is a guaranteed way to reach the right people that are looking for you. PPC campaign is easier and less expensive than you may think.

What is PPC advertising?

PPC is an ads campaign run by Google. There are also some other websites that offer everyone to advertise product on them. For Example Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. PPC advertisement has two parts:

  1. Bidding for placement at the top of the Google search results, for example if you search for “PATIENT RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT SYSTEM”, the first four results are ads.
  2. Fee you pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Budgeting your PPC ad

Before running PPC ad campaign make sure to set your advertisement budget. Running ads can be costly if you run ad campaign randomly and without a proper plan. Plan will include timing and days of ad campaigning, keyword research, set budget to control your expenses.

Writing a PPC ad for your cosmetic dental design practice

  • AdWords account

First you have to create adwords account that is free of cost. It is recommendable to go through tutorials if you are a beginner.

  • AdWords research

Research part includes keyword research to get maximum genuine click/visitors at minimum price. The most common tool that use for keyword research is keyword planner. It is easy, simple and accurate in use.

Writing your PPC ad

While writing a PPC ad campaign keep in mind that Adwords have a character limit as follow:

  • 25 characters for your headline or website
  • 35 characters for your first line of text
  • 35 characters for your second line of text
  • 255 characters for your display URL

Try to write point to point about your business, so everything covers under given criteria.

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