Is your business growing?

After your new business gains ground and begins to run steadily, it might be hard for you to notice every new growth. It is important to keep track of the trajectory of this growth even when things have calmed down into a steady rhythm.

How to know if your business is growing

Follow the following steps to figure out if your business is really growing at the right pace.

If you are everywhere on social media

Are your social media notifications going off incessantly? Does your handle get mentioned and tagged a lot more regularly?

If you now need a bigger space

Did you start out small and now find that you need a bigger space? Are you now budgeting for a bigger space? Have you increased your production capacity? Are you now considering renting the company secretarial services Singapore?

If you have more customers than before

Have you had to adjust in order to germ or customers?

If you need to hire more staff

Have you suddenly realized that you don’t have enough hands for the job required? Are your existing staff struggling with increased workload?

If you answered the above questions positively, then congratulations on your growth as a business. The best thing to do at this point is to adjust accordingly to accommodate your new growth.

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