Kalanggaman Island

Philippines has so much to offer knowing that it takes pride of the beaches and white sandy shores that it has to offer. There has been a remarkable record of foreign travelers visiting Philippines and spent the rest of their vacation in the country. Review after review of several tourists, the Kalanggaman or Calanggaman Island of Leyte stood out from the rest of the travel destinations visited usually by foreign and non-local tourists. The island appeared to be untouched although it has been visited several times. Its natural beauty as an island took their (tourists) attention and had it place on their number one list of itinerary or place to visit.

The island has so much to offer like camping in the area and water sports. A Kalanggaman Island tour package  is also offered if they want to have their activity for the day customized to their liking. Travel and accommodation are made available as well for their convenience because that would be a priority in the travel; safety is included as well. The place is perfect to take photographs especially during sunsets and sunrise. A well diverse and versatile island with so much to offer other than the locals being hospitable as ever. 

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