Long-Term Care Insurance And Why Is It Important

The Shoppers Guide to Long Term Care Insurance is a tool to help you wade through the depths of information on this relatively new form of insurance, and to determine what your needs truly are. 

In most cases, it is provided to those individuals who can no longer perform those activities and tasks that are required in everyday life. You can also visit lavineltcins.com/ to get more information regarding long-term care insurance.This includes:

• Adult day care 

• Assisted living 

• Hospice care 

• Nursing home facilities 

• Respite care (interim, short-term care occurring prior to being admitted to long-term care)

A Long Term Care insurance policy is crafted by experts. They don't have money to waste and neither do you. Beware of vague language. Your contract should clearly state the level of care and resources available at each stage of progression. The decision of when coverage begins should be yours.

Be sure that when substantial assistance is mentioned your policy specifies assistance with particular activities of daily living. These include bathing, eating, dressing, continence etc. A favorable contract will include bathing as one of the daily living activities as this is usually where assistance is first needed.

Many seniors depend upon Medicare to help pay for their health care costs. However, Medicare does not pay for most long-term care. Medicare will pay for medically necessary skilled nursing care whether in facilities or home care, but you must meet eligibility requirements and most other options must be paid for by different means, such as long-term care insurance.

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