Modern Hat Styles For Men

A hat is one of the most used accessories for the modern gentlemen. A hat is not only worn for style, but it also defines your personality. There are various sizes, fabrics, and shapes of hats for men. A list of different types of men's hats are given as follows – 

The Fedora

The Fedora is a durable hat with the flexible brim that can be molded in order to achieve the perfect shape. Crushable and unlined Fedoras are also available in the market. It is a lightweight hat with a unique shade of brown. The brim of this hat is about 2 5" wide that depends on the shape and size of a face. You can snap it up, down, back or front to give it a perfect shape. You can also browse to get stylish men hat.

The Homburg

The Homburg is often called the stylish cousin of Fedora. It is generally made of straw or a fur felt. It is the best choice with official formal business attire. It also has a creased crown in the center alike the Fedora. The brim of the Homburg is quite stiffer as compared to the Fedora.

The Trilby

The Trilby has a short and narrow brim. You can easily turn up at the back and snap down at the front to give it a perfect shape. It has a shorter crown when compared to other hats. It is usually made of synthetic fabrics.

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