Recreational Marijuana From Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Oregon is one of the few US states where marijuana can be legally bought. First, it was only medical dispensaries like portland medical marijuana dispensaries that were able to operate legally.

As of July 1, 2015, legalization of recreational marijuana likewise started with implementation of Measure 91. However, not even one store was then able to sell recreational marijuana as the state was still working on appropriate policies. It was only by October 1, 2015 that registered and accredited medical marijuana dispensaries were able to start selling recreational stuff.  

Age Restriction 

Under the state law, only those 21 years old and above could buy and use recreational marijuana. In fact, you do not actually need to be an Oregon resident; you just have to prove your age in order to be catered by any of the licensed stores. If you are age-qualified, you may look for standalone recreational marijuana dispensaries, but you are likely to have an easier time finding medical marijuana dispensaries selling different types of marijuana herb and products. There are over 200 dispensaries that operate under Oregon Health Authority license. These medical dispensaries are known to be able to sell recreational marijuana until December 31, 2016. After this, recreational marijuana sales would fall under the regulations of Oregon Liquor Control Commission and would be sold by its licensed stores.

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