Signs Of Separation Anxiety In Your Dog

Any dog can suffer from separation anxiety, regardless of his age, breed or gender. There are also many reasons that can lead to this health issues. Sometimes, it can even be the reason why some dogs are given up to animal shelters or just dumped away.

What is separation anxiety? This health issue is rather easy to spot, especially when your dog is fed the best dry dog food for Pitbull and his normal behaviors are different. Once a dog suffering from this type of anxiety, he will like to be clingy to you much more than usual. There is a desperate need to be close to you, whenever and wherever, even when you are sleeping. Wehn you begin to go somewhere, he will fall Into a panic state and become so depressed that he begins to chew and destroy anything in sight. Though this sounds ridiculous to some people who thinks that other than the best flea collar for dogs, there's nothing more a dog may need. That is not true, separation anxiety is a serious issue that should be treated as soon as possible.

There are many warnings prior to separation anxiety. The most primary one is that the dog will follow you around every place as long as you are in his sight. When you are not in his sight, for example, you go to work or just go out to put the trash away for a few minutes, the dog will become panic and want to damage things around him. If your dog is fine with sleeping in a different room from yours, or if he is even happy without you around, then you can be at ease because he is definitely not in the grasp of separation anxiety, and his bad behaviors of destroying things where you can not see is just a bad habit of his. 

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