Smarter Work for the Removals Industry

Over the last 5 years, the removals industry has been through a period of unpredictability as the consequences of slow housing markets, globalization, and unstable world economies have taken their toll.

One of the downstream effects of this uncertainty is that wage rates for operations staff have remained stationary, the primary reason being competitive price pressure at the point of sale. To delight,today's customer is no longer just about logistics. You can check online to get more information about removals industry.

Moving home is a stressful business and clients will choose a mover based upon a combination of sound reasoning and emotion. Their expectation is of excellence in logistics collective with a high level of comfort and interaction, most importantly in their home.

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One of the challenges faced by the removals industry, therefore, is to find new ways of appealing, rewarding and retaining top field staff in such a problematic business environment. Operations teams are generally 2 or 3 days in the family home so a big part of the customer experience will be determined by their efforts.

They are expected to be physically fit, great packers and drivers, good house guests and excellent letter writer. This is no tall order when you consider that customers are often under considerable pressure when moving house.

Lump sum contracts are not new but under today's conditions they can provide the most skilled and brilliant operations staff an opportunity to change the way they work and enjoy some exclusive benefits.

The basis of these contracts is that employees who prove consistent productivity and quality in their work can apply to move off salaries and into a lump sum arrangement.

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