The Right SEO Company Can Improve Your Website

When it comes to optimizing your website, one of the places that you should focus most of your attention is on the homepage. This is where almost 80% of all traffic will first land, and first impressions are everything when it comes to keeping visitors on your website. The problem many websites have is that homepage is cluttered with so much stuff, it often loads extremely slow and sends people running for the back button. The more people that exit your site, the higher that your bounce rate goes.

This expert marketing company will help you to properly optimize that homepage so you retain all the traffic that lands on your site. While pictures can tell a story unlike the written word, cluttering up the homepage with an abundance of images can be counterproductive. The images will most definitely slow down the load time and give the visitors a slow and dragged out experience. In addition to the page loading slowly, too many images can actually distract the visitor from the information that you are trying to present to them. If all they are doing is looking at a bunch of different pictures, they could easily become confused and miss all your call to action buttons. The SEO company will make use of pictures that can only tell a story that the written word can not. This way your text will be highlighted with images and not the other way around. The other thing many website owners go too far with is videos on the homepage.

One technique that many web owners employ is adding videos that automatically begin playing when scrolled over. This is not only very annoying to some visitors, it really can slow down the entire page from loading properly. Too many videos on the homepage literally disorient your customers and often result in them leaving as fast as they arrived. The SEO company will crate a new page on your website and drop a link in the navigation bar for all your videos. This way if a customer wants to see your videos, they can find them all located in one place. Linking text throughout the website to different videos on that page is a great way to create relevant internal links that the search engines will most surely crawl. When you have too many videos and images on your website, the search engines have difficulty understanding those items because they only see text. The SEO company will access your websites admin section and begin working on the meta section immediately.

The meta image tags tell the search engines exactly what a video or image are. The way you can tell if your website is optimized with the image tags is simply run your mouse over an image and look what it says. If the image says 9945757464hfyryr.jpg, your images are not optimized properly. The SEO company will change those tags to read dog-grooming-puppy.jpg, which is not only easy for the search engine spiders to read, it has a relevant keyword in the name as well.

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