The Side Effects of Teeth Whitening

Before you go out and get your teeth whitened, there are some side effects to laser teeth whitening that you should be aware about.

With any teeth whitening treatment, there is no anesthesia administered. Because of this, you can experience sensitive teeth during and after your session. If during your dentist visit you feel a sharp tingly pain, immediately tell the dentist so that he will stop what he is doing. Sometimes this can be a cue to stop working on a particular tooth.

After your whitening, you may experience sensitivity while eating hot or cold foods and drink. If you do, we recommend using something like Sensodyne toothpaste. Sensodyne will fill in the gaps and prevent pain going to the nerve.

If you use a whitening gel or have laser bleaching performed, you can also experience issues with burning and irritation of the gums (more info on Come Sbiancare I Denti). Peroxide when it comes into contact with the gum line can be uncomfortable. Tell you dentist if he/she mistakenly applies it so they can wipe it off.

Using home care kits also can induce problems. Never overuse a bleaching program as it can remove the surface enamel. That in turn will cause sensitivity issues making it difficult to eat and drink. While home whitening kits contain a lesser concentration of peroxide than what your dentist uses, you should still be cautious. If you obtain a higher percent gel (over 15%). You run the risk of damaging your teeth if you do not apply the gel sparingly and with precision. If you ever feel like throwing up, it is possible you digested bleach or whitening gel – contact your doctor immediately.

You should also be aware of mixing bleach and whitening gel with other medications that you are taking. Only your dentist would know these side effects so it is best to bring this up in the session.

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