Visit Paradise- The Hawaiian Island of Oahu

Oahu is the dynamic, vibrant and resplendent Hawaiian Island that's enormously popular among locals and visitors alike. Home to the resident capital city, Honolulu, along with a whopping 85% of the residents in Hawaii, Oahu, is the isle which has aptly got the nickname" The Gathering Place".

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Whether you have come for the effervescent nightlife in Honolulu, to enjoy the fantastic variety of water sports at the famous Kaila beach, or to observe whales off the coastline of Honolulu during migration, or to hike to the very rim of Diamond Head, or to experience the profoundly spiritual and evocative Polynesian culture, you will not be disappointed, and will be rewarded with so a whole lot more than you anticipated in the very first place. However, if you want a paradise diving experience, you must visit Fiji.

And they're a big part of the reason why so many visitors flock to the isles year in, year out. Widely renown as the best portal to surfing mecca, Oahu has a number of beaches that are not only regarded as the highest surfing paradise but play host to some of the most top-notch surfing contests in the world. Sunset Beach during the winter sees world famed surfers and big name brands arriving for the big competitions and crashing surf that is huge.

If you're on vacation in Oahu, then there's one spot you shouldn't miss out on, and that is the Polynesian Cultural centre. Possessed by the nearby university, most of the staff here are university students, who help pay off their student loans by working here.


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