What is IceCream Headache?

A brain freeze, also called ice-cream headache, is a questionnaire of headache or short pain usually related to ingestion of foods or cold drinks for example ice pops and ice cream.

An ice cream headache is the immediate consequence of the accelerated cooling and rewarming of the capillaries in the sinuses. A painless although similar blood vessel reaction causes the face to seem that is flushed after being outside on a chilly day. In both cases, the chilly temperature causes the capillaries to constrict as they warm after which experience extreme rebound dilation.

It's not impossible to endure from an ice-cream headache in both cold and hot weather, because the effect relies upon the temperature of the food being consumed than that of the surroundings.


To alleviate pain, some physicians suggest tipping the head back or pressing the tongue. Another approach to alleviate ice-cream headaches would be to drink a liquid that's a greater temperature in relation to the material that caused the ice-cream headache.


The occurrence is not unusual enough to have been the area of research published in the British Medical Journal and Scientific American. A study conducted by Maya Kaczorowski shown a higher incidence of sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia in subjects have the ice cream sample in less than 30 seconds vs. those who consumed slowly, with no time limit (27.3% and 12.5% respectively). Nonetheless, Kaczorowski was unable to draw a transparent connection between the rate of consumption and incidence of sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia and is being disussed at headache support forum


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