What you should know About SEO Today

There have been a lot of changes going on in the SEO realm that have left quite a number of self-proclaimed gurus baffled at what it takes to get your site really appreciated by the major search engines. What a lot of people are failing to realize is that there are some simple basic fundamentals that if you stick to, your site will do just fine without all the rocket science. Whether you are working with top SEO firm in Canada like Neueseo or you just want your blog noticed, below are some of these basic fundamentals people are forgetting in a bid to keep up with all the new changes overwhelming all of us.

About Us Page

A majority of us usually rush over the About Us page as important as it is. One thing you should never forget is that you are out to sell yourself, your content or your products/services. No matter which of the above it is, people have to know why they should bother paying any attention to what you have to offer. The About Us page is all about telling them the reason why. Keep it short and to the point while making sure that you give them all the details that they need.

Contact Us Page

One of the most important ways to give your site visitors what they need is by knowing what they want. If you do not give your visitors a way to tell you what they want then you are already throwing SEO 101 out the window. Do not underestimate the power of this page like many who give just an email address that they never even check. Give as many options as possible and listen to your visitors.

What's New Page

If you have heard SEO tips then you have probably heard of the saying that content is king and you need to give fresh new content on the regular. Knowing that search engines gives emphasis on new content on a web site, make sure that you have a page dedicated to showing what's new and maintain it. It will get your readers to bookmark it and it also makes visitors quickly see what you have to offer (whether old or new). Maintaining this page will be great chow for the spiders that search engines send to your site.

Link maintenance

Another problem that a lot of people do not even realize they have is broken links. So often people will insert the right links in their content in the proper manner and then forget about them. Links cease working from time to time and every web master should know this. Every once in a while (regularly) you have to go through your entire site or blog to make sure that all the links you have are working like they should be.


Design is an aspect that so many people get wrong. The best design is not the most expensive you could get nor the most flashy. You need to put your website users as the top priority. If your design is hard for them to use then you have failed not only them but yourself as well.

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