Why Should One Play The Flute?

A flute is one of the most cultured and traditional musical instruments. Being a wind blowing instrument, it requires the art of mastering the right amount of win intensity being blown into the flute along with the smart movement of one’s fingers on the holes to produce the desired sound and effect.


Being an Indian musical instrument by origin, it is a purely classical instrument and is usually played in cultured places depicting Indian tradition and culture and heritage. Classical flute music is loved by many but learning the art is not an easy task. It requires patience, endurance and obviously the guidance of a professional flute player. Well known flute players are not hard to find and their guidance and assistance would be great for the beginner.

Below are the reasons why one should learn how to play the flute:

  1. It is a classical instrument, not played by many unlike guitar and other musical instruments. Hence, learning the flute would be unique and prestigious.
  2. It is a skill that is rare and needed by many professions. For example in high class parties and places, flutes are not only desired but is also considered a soulful experience to the ears and the soul.
  3. Flute playing classes are not that expensive once you find the right teacher. Nor is the instrument that expensive. One can even start with the basic inexpensive flute and gradually shift to an expensive one once he is well practiced in the art.

Hence, it can be concluded that the traditional art of flute playing must be revived by learning it.

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